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FAMILY is a Kyiv-based production service company that makes commercials, music videos, digital content, and feature films since 2004. We shoot for world-famous brands — such as Nike, Diesel, Dior, Philips, McDonald’s, Vodafone. Filmmaking is literally in our blood. FAMILY was founded by hereditary directors and producers back in 2004 and we have been on set ever since. We are…

Few reasons to shoot with Family Production in Ukraine

Shooting abroad can be a pleasant experience, but only if everything is done right. Here at Family, we want you to fully discover the potential of filming in Ukraine. And here are a few reasons to do it with us.

Ukraine provides a wide range of geographical opportunities: urban landscapes, mountain roads, vast plains, rivers and sandy beaches. All within a few hours by plane from the most European capitals. Family Production will set filming in any location at a smart price.

Family Production has been working since 2004. During this time we have made dozens of commercials, music videos, and digital content. We have shot for Nike, Diesel, Dior, Philips, McDonald’s, Vodafone and other world brands. 50% of our projects are produced for foreign markets.

Today we unite more than 25 like-minded professionals in our cozy office in the Kyiv downtown.
At Family, we have:

  • experienced producers;
  • casting department with own studio;
  • location department with a sense of the visual needs of a script
  • props storage;
  • editing room;
  • production manager team;
  • Orange man puppet doll.

In addition to basic shooting services, we can offer:
– special arrangements with hotels for placing foreign teams;
– partnership agreements with the largest rental houses in Kyiv;
– streamlined permitting for the shooting of any complexity;
– time-tested HOD freelancers (production designers, wardrobe stylists, 1st ADs, glam team);
– attention to detail and special requests, usually missed by newcomers;
– stress protection and good vibes.

Family Feeling
And that’s something you can’t buy.

Contact us right now:
• Phone +38 044 365 8085
• E-mail [email protected]

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Hugo Boss – Boss The Scent Le Parfum production de service
Roche Bobois – Le Carrousel production de service
McCain P!ckers – C’est carrément P!ckers production de service
Kinder Bueno – L’Aventurière production de service
Studi – Formations 100% en ligne 100% humaines production de service
Kinder Bueno – Shogun production de service
Swarovski – Ignite your dreams production de service
Krys – Signature Krys – Le nouveau confort visuel production de service
Boursorama Banque – Mike Tyson – Impossible production de service
Canal Plus – Le foot du samedi soir production de service
Crédit Agricole – Apple Pay – Rapide et sécurisé production de service
Meetic – Start Something Real 2 – Si l’engagement vous fait de l’effet production de service
Sephora – Noël givré – 2019 production de service
Ubisoft – Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Survivre comme un Ghost production de service
BazarChic – Le braquage – Switch to BazarChic production de service
Cacharel Amor Amor 2019 – Thylane Blondeau & Oscar Casas production de service
Monoprix – Service Coupe-File production de service
IZI by EDF – Les travaux réussis c’est simple c’est IZI production de service
Granola – Welcome to Granoland production de service
Just Eat – Retour vers le passé production de service
Special.T by Nestlé – Le maître de thé production de service
Société Générale – C’est vous l’avenir production de service
Unibet – Nés pour gagner production de service
Daikin – L’obsession de la précision depuis 1924 production de service
Nouveau Peugeot Rifter – L’aventure, comme d’habitude production de service
Krisprolls – Saga Harald – Quand ça Krisprolls, ça Krisprolls production de service
Skyn – Save intimacy production de service
Zeiss – Verres UVProtect production de service
Schweppes – What do you expect ? production de service
Total Quartz – RobotQuartz et les zombies production de service
Just Eat – L’appli – Retour vers le présent production de service
Nivea Pure Skin – Women in Blue production de service
NRJ Mobile – Whaaat ?! production de service
Apec – Nous rencontrer, c’est avancer production de service
Fondation 30 Millions d’Amis – # Non à l’abandon 2 production de service
Charal – Vivons fort – Les djeun’s production de service
Nouveaux Brownies Granola – Intensément Extra production de service
INCA – Un contrôle de routine production de service
Quick Suprême Fromager – Le meilleur du burger au fromage production de service
Milka – First tastes – Premiers goûts production de service
Le Grand Pot de La Laitière – Infiniment gourmand production de service
MSF – Notre indépendance n’a pas de prix mais elle a un coût production de service
Kyriad – Frozen Yogurt et Oreillers production de service
Les Petits Plaisirs Soja St Hubert – Avouez que c’est bon production de service
Céréales Lion – Le plaisir sauvage – The Party production de service
Béghin Say – Des envies bien sucrées production de service
Younited Credit – Le crédit, en plus rapide production de service
Finexkap – Solutions de trésorerie réservées à tous production de service
PMU – The Footballers production de service
Puressentiel – La Montgolfière production de service
Meetic – Joyeuse dernière Saint Valentin production de service
Attractive World – Partagez plus que des rencontres production de service
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