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The Magic

We work hard. No shift is too long if it results in perfection. We encourage creativity. From skilled actors to crafty set builders - we know talent when we see it. we deliver perfection on time. We have the secret formula for a perfect balance of pace and quality. It works like magic every time.

Aurimas : Executive producer
Vaidas : Head of sales

Production  service unit with creative superpowers.

Magic is something we plan, produce, craft. It’s not an accident. We have a solid top notch team able to be as flexible as you need: creatively, technically, logistically. We tackle all production issues without stress and with imagination. We are based in the place which is emerging as hotspot for shooting your ads – Lithuania. Think of it as a tiny mix of Germany, Scandinavia and a dash of fun: very efficient, profoundly professional, beautiful locations and no bureaucracy whatsoever.








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The Magic – Production service in Lithuania

The Magic : Service job we did recently in Lithuania with director Greg Bray for Swiss market for Who’s McQueen pictures .

publié le 8 mars 2016