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Radioaktive Film

Radioaktive Film is the premier production service company for Feature Films, Commercials, and Promo content.  With our central office in Kyiv, Ukraine and satellite operations in Central Asia(Georgia) and Europe (Warsaw, Poland). We have access to a vast and diverse locations, professional local crews, and other resources.  With sister companies in rentals, studios and transport, we can provide a full…









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RADIOAKTIVE FILM – Apple Watch Series 6 – ECG

Production studio – RESET Director – Ian Pons Jewell Dop – Mauro Chiarello Cleint – APPLE Creative agency – TBWA / MEDIA ARTS LAB Production sevice – RADIOAKTIVE FILM

publié le 23 mars 2021
RADIOAKTIVE FILM – Highlights 2020

  AFK Arena – starring Elijah Wood Accenture – Directed by Daniel Wolfe & Alex Hulsey Squarespace ‘Launch It’ campaign – Directed by Ian Pons Jewell

publié le 23 février 2021
CHERNOBYL – La nouvelle serie HBO par Johan Renck – Tournage en Ukraine avec Radioaktive Film

For HBO mini series Chernobyl directed by Johan Renck, a part of the show was shot in Ukraine. There were two absolutely complete units, each of it had a UPM […]

publié le 29 mai 2019
Audi – Synchronized Swim @radioaktive Film

Directed by Johny Hardstaff for Independant Films The film, shot by award-winning director Johnny Hardstaf, opens in a deserted changing room before panning out to an empty swimming pool. The […]

publié le 15 avril 2019
RADIOAKTIVE FILM – Canal+ Le Bureau Des Légendes new season

Le Bureau Des Légendes most of season 4 by The Oligarchs Productions was shot with us in Ukraine. This production took our team few months of prep and shoot, that was an […]

publié le 30 octobre 2018
Radioaktive Film news 2018. Filming in Ukraine.

Hennessy V.S Major. One of our favourite projects of this year. Epic experience with this great team – Agency Droga5, Production Studio RadicalMedia, Director Derek Cianfrance, DOP Roman Vasyanov, Production Service […]

publié le 11 mai 2018

Shadow of War – official trailer…shot in a picturesque castle on the south of Ukraine Axa 'Dancer' by Mark Zibert & Rogue Films…shot in Opera house in Kyiv Epic campaign […]

publié le 25 septembre 2017
Radioaktive Film’s production service projects 2017

LG Mobile – Goldberg Machine, 26 days of testing and creating 40 piece mechanism. Was a challenging and massive.  Finish 'Combinations' – all the plates were real!)  Uniqlo – was […]

publié le 19 avril 2017
Car Commercials – serviced by Radioaktive Film, Ukraine


publié le 18 janvier 2017
Radioaktive Film’s production service projects. Kiev Summer 2016

Director: Vanya Heymann & Gal Muggia, PRETTY BIRD (UK) Coldplay Director: Daniel Wolfe, Somesuch & Co (UK) Agency: Wieden & Kennedy (UK) Director: Robbert Blishen, RSA (UK) Agency: CHI & Partners Director: […]

publié le 18 novembre 2016