Shadow of War – official trailer…shot in a picturesque castle on the south of Ukraine

Axa 'Dancer' by Mark Zibert & Rogue Films…shot in Opera house in Kyiv

Epic campaign of MoneySuperMarket – Skeletor & He-Man…massive set construction and dance rehearsals 

Squarespace ads with Biscuit, directed by Andreas Nilsson

Hip & minimalistic Smart Brabus Film with Anorak and famous lady director Dawn Shadford

production de service Radioaktive Film Radioaktive Film is the premier production service company for Feature Films, Commercials, and Promo content.  With our central office in Kyiv, Ukraine and satellite operations in Central Asia(Georgia) and Europe (Warsaw, Poland). We have access to a vast and diverse locations, professional local crews, and other resources.  With sister companies in rentals, studios and transport, we can provide a full…