We know you may feel overwhelmed, shocked and confused with all the news, we most definitely have been. 

Poland is safe and its situation is stable. Life is going on as per usual. The war in the Ukraine has no influence on everyday life in Poland or on its economic situation.
There is NO danger or threat in Poland today. As responsible producers and your partners we declare that all productions – both commercial and feature films taking place in Poland take place in safe and perfectly normal environments. 
In order to continue to be able to help the Ukrainian people, it is pivotal that the Polish economy continue to function : By choosing to produce in Poland (with THE FILM PLACE or any other Polish production company), you too are helping to support the Ukraine. 

Many are asking whether we will be hiring Ukrainien film crews and of course, in as much as possible we will. Please remember that only women and children are being let out, men are obliged to remain and defend the territory. 

Poland is helping and supporting the Ukraine and the people of the Ukraine who are fleeing the conflict – it is giving them shelter, food and any other necessary help – medical or otherwise.

Ukrainians are not defending just the Ukraine – they are defending Europe! We need to show them THEY ARE NOT ALONE !


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