This spring, we provided the local service in a definitely amazing project by SNASK for their client Klarna, the cutting-edge financial giant, one of Europe’s largest banks, offering revolutionary payment solutions to 60 million consumers and 100,000 stores in 14 countries. Klarna handles transactions all over the world in various categories, including sports, travel, beauty, fashion, home interior and electronics.
The main idea is to create 7 never-seen-before worlds, where “smoooth” banking transactions usher in a life of unbound leisure. We were happy to welcome to Kyiv the project's set design magicians of the collaborative studio Sing-Sing and production heavyweights of DIKTATOR. Under Snask's creative direction we all made these worlds come true!

7 days of preparation, 4 shooting days, Stockolm – LA – Kyiv based creatives worked in a one big pavilion for building seven new worlds.




Marketing Specialist — Leo Holte
Marketing Manager — Elin Svahn
Design Director — Camilla Birkström
Designer — Pontus Gustavsson

Director — Erik Kockum
Producer —Camilla Brandow Gustafsson
Creative — Fabrizio Morra
Creative — Miguel Rodriques Dias

Set Designer — Adi Goodrich
Director/Photographer — Sean Pecknold
Props Master — Bill Mcmillin
Director/Photographer Assistant — Rasmus Jensen

Executive Producer — Per Welen
Producer — Manga Minja

Executive Producer — Alevtyna Shkliarevych
DOP —Anton Fursa

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