Publié le 30 novembre 2021 par Grandma Production House


Fresh, stylish and full of energy. The new Schweppes commercial makes you nod to the beat without even noticing it!
It took two days, two camera units and a cast from three different countries to shoot this commercial. Our applause goes to Bubbles, director Matthaus Bussmann and everyone who contributed and shared their ideas – it has been an absolute pleasure working with so many talented and passionate people!

:man_in_business_suit_levitating::skin-tone-2:Director: Matthaus Bussmann
:film_projector:Production: Bubbles Film
:clapper:Service production: Grandma


production de service Grandma Production House Caring hands and experienced team: "Grandma" production house focuses on providing international clients with an exclusively attentive assistance when shooting in the Baltic States. Exceptional precision and big heart on every project.
publié le 30 novembre 2021
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