Our last International brand campaign launch for GOJEK directed by Henry Scholfield @CaviarParis 
Marking the milestone of the introduction and unification of Gojek’s international brands and apps into one.

The film reveals a world where people's needs and activities meld seamlessly with Gojek's transport, delivery and merchant goods and services. It depicts a bustling stylised city where everything 'flows' in a fluid motion, culminating in a circular urban set from which the Gojek logo—which Gojek calls their 'Solv', a symbol of all their various solutions— emerges. 

In light of COVID-19, this commercial was produced under the strictest guidelines and protocols established to ensure the utmost safety of our cast and crew including running PCR tests, ambulance and medics on set, practicing thorough sanitisation and observing social distancing throughout the shoot.


production Caviar Paris Société de production de contenus visuels basée à Paris.
GOJEK – Henry Scholfield x CAVIAR PARIS
publié le 24 septembre 2020
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