Passion Pictures
collaborated with the team from Caviar, Los Angeles on this kind of scripts that we at like the most – multiple setups daily and technically challenging.
Malaysia was the preferred shooting location from the very beginning, being logistically perfect for multiple locations within 3 shoot days, massive road closures in the heart of the city, rooftop and shooting on the local subway, to name a few.
Being a very technical shoot that requires the camera to spin continuously on its axis, we had to fly in a Steadicam AR rig/operator from UK, mounting it onto the local stabilised head and crane.
Client: Accenture
Production: Caviar LA
Producer: Mike Sarkissian
Director: Jordan Bahat

production service Passion Pictures PASSION is a Producer-Owned-Company. The owners of the business are in fact your producers on set – means you’re dealing with the decision makers. The Partners from all 3 PASSION offices in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand are hands-on and experienced, well-connected and resourceful. We strive to offer a hassle-free working experience.