We bet you wouldn’t guess the stadium this commercial was taken in. 🏟
We bet you notice the crowd cheering the best football choreographer (Andy Ansah).
You bet – we had some excellent shots this matchday. 🎯

Our shots on target were with:
🕴Client: William Hill

🧙‍♂️Director: Sergi Castella
📽 Service production: Grandma


production de service Grandma Production House Caring hands and experienced team: "Grandma" production house focuses on providing international clients with an exclusively attentive assistance when shooting in the Baltic States. Exceptional precision and big heart on every project.
GRANDMA – William Hill for Caviar London
publié le 20 novembre 2020
Samsung serviced by Grandma
publié le 27 janvier 2020
Adagio Inside serviced by Grandma
publié le 10 octobre 2019
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